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djordje mihajlovic

Đorđe Mihajlović

Choreographic affirmation

George (Djordje Mihajlovic) is a Serbian choreographer, in the third decade of his life, who advocates the enforcement of choreographic subjectivism. He considers a choreographer to be a writer of a story, free to affirm himself in any musical genre, or more of them, and allow himself to achieve complete freedom in the usage of movement. Strict definition of moves falls completely into the background, his priority is emphasizing the nature of movement. In this way, he creates a connection between the audience and the performers, and states that dance is only one of the instruments capable of transferring energy. A group of dancers must represent a single organism, which evolves throughout a three-minute-long choreographic concept. At the basis of his current work, he highlights the usage of isolated contractions of muscles, and in that way, fills any space with pulsing energy. When being asked the question „Which choreographers do you appreciate the most?“, he answers with ease: Bob Fosse, Tashan Muir and Branimir Đuričić, who is also his biggest competition, in the Serbian scene. He didn’t speak of his goals, except by defining them as „enormous and easily achievable“. His personal affirmation is: „I pulse in order to influence, I realize wisdom, I seal the process of free will, and my intentions are always good. “

You can contact George at any time, and feel free to ask him any question. His contact information and form can be found at


By G.O.

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